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Palmetto TRIbe is a USAT Certified Club offering triathlon coaching programs for kids 7-15 years old. Our youth programs are designed to MOTIVATE, DEVELOP, and ENHANCE youth athletes to their full, individual potential as a triathlete. We believe introducing kids early to the multi-sport lifestyle will reduce single-sport burnout and support their development as well-rounded, balanced athletes primed for life-long fitness success.  Further, our athletes have the added bonus of practicing their swim-bike-run in the gorgeous Lowcountry surroundings!

Our team rally cry:


Palmetto TRIbe weekly practices consist of focused skills and speed training in swimming, biking, running, transitions, mental skills development, race-day preparation, strategy, and more… Our practice environment is a FUN, high-energy, positive atmosphere that encourages personal growth and team camaraderie. Our efforts are rewarded when we see the emergence of well-rounded athletes, that have a strong sense of personal identity, work ethic, team values, and passion for sport…and life! As we say at the end of every practice: SWIM – BIKE – TRIbe!