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Palmetto TRIbe is committed to supporting local nonprofit efforts here in the greater Charleston area, particularly those aimed at helping youth. Starting in 2019, we are thrilled to announce two intentional and thoughtful partnerships with the following nonprofit organizations based here in the low country. These partnerships are a natural extension of the work we do through coaching our athletes in triathlon – we are creating internally driven, motivated, dedicated humans that have a lifelong passion for all areas they choose to invest their energy and heart.

Fitch Fire Dogs 

In partnership with the Town of Mount Pleasant Fire Department (TOMPSCFD), Fitch Fire Dogs launched in 2017 by one of our youth triathletes, Ashton Fitch. The mission of this pending 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is to provide comfort and love to kids involved in emergency situations by way of receiving a custom*, one-of-a-kind, cuddly Fitch the Fire Dog plush animal. Distributed only by the courageous emergency first-responders of the TOMPSCFD, Fitch the Fire Dog has become a reliable tool for the crew to utilize as part of their emergency response protocols. We encourage you to follow real-time updates on this program via their Fitch Fire Dogs Facebook Page.

To increase community awareness and involvement, starting in 2019 Palmetto TRIbe athletes and the TOMPSCFD crew will meet up at a Palmetto TRIbe run practice in every 6-week youth training session for the “Fitch Fire Dog Run-a-thon”. Together, our athletes and the TOMPSCFD crew will enjoy a lively run-a-thon ending with an epic firetruck water-hose spray-down for participants! This practice will also double as Palmetto TRIbe’s Bring-a-Friend to practice day, creating an epic community experience.

Do Good, Be Good, Never Quit Inc.

“Do good, be good, and never quit” is the promise Johnny and his mom, known also as Coach Kara, made with each other when Johnny was just 6yo. It’s this pact that fuels the work of this 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to provides assistance to those here in the low country area who are unable to help themselves. In addition to random acts of kindness, they go above and beyond to help minors and their families so that they can lead happier and healthier lives. Learn how you can volunteer, donate, and support The Do Good, Be Good, Never Quit organization and the promise they are committed to living out each and every day.

To support all the local initiatives of this organization, Palmetto TRIbe will be donating a percentage of their revenues quarterly to this extraordinary and living pact. In addition, volunteer opportunities for our athletes and families to support specific initiatives will be presented throughout the season.

TRIbe LOVE. Pay it Forward. Always.