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Palmetto TRIbe, LLC is a USAT Certified Triathlon Club for Youth and Juniors residing in the greater Charleston area. Our triathlon programs are led by USAT Certified Coaches, providing triathlon specific coaching to drive skill development and performance in swimming, biking and running. Additional coaching specificity in triathlon transitions, safety protocols, mental skills, race-day preparation & strategy, and more… Palmetto TRIbe competes in local and regional races, in addition to the USAT Youth & Junior National Championship race held annually.

Introducing kids early to the multi-sport lifestyle reduces single-sport burnout and supports their development as well-rounded, balanced athletes, primed for life-long fitness success.  An intentional commitment to skills and speed, without premature application of endurance stress, ensures our athletes are primed to go faster, longer when their bodies can effectively support endurance in their post-pubescent years.

Success to us looks like well-rounded athletes, that have a strong sense of personal identity, work ethic, team values, and lifelong passion for sport!

Palmetto TRIbe’s LOCAL Youth Team program is designed for beginner to intermediate experience athletes, ages 7-15yo, that are ready to experience the awesome sport of triathlon and progress their multisport performance. Our practice environment is a FUN, high-energy, positive atmosphere that encourages personal growth and team camaraderie. Intentional focus to meet each individual athlete where they are, and progress from there. Strong mental skills, positive self-talk and team culture are fundamental aspects of our program.

Palmetto TRIbe’s TRAVEL Youth Team program is designed for 11-15yo intermediate to advanced athletes that see triathlon as a main sport focus and are “ready for more”. Travel team athletes will be coached through 2-consecutive, 12-week periodized training cycles, intended to build performance gains through a series of base and build cycles.  This squad will race in a mix of USAT-sanctioned and non-sanctioned races, many of which have open water swims. The collective team will share “A-race” focus for preparation and participation in the USAT Youth & Junior National Championships held every August.

Our team rally cry: