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Palmetto TRIbe, LLC is a USAT Certified Triathlon Club for
Youth (7-14yo) and High Schoolers (9th-12th grade) residing in the greater Charleston area
. Our youth and junior triathlon programs are led by Certified Coaches, providing triathlon specific periodized coaching to drive performance in swimming/biking/running with additional specificity in triathlon transitions, safety protocols, mental skills, race-day preparation & strategy, and more… Palmetto TRIbe competes in local and regional races, in addition to USAT National Championship races.

Introducing kids early to the multi-sport lifestyle reduces single-sport burnout and supports their development as well-rounded, balanced athletes primed for life-long fitness success.  Further, our athletes have the added bonus of practicing their swim-bike-run in the gorgeous Lowcountry surroundings!

Our team rally cry:


Palmetto TRIbe’s Youth Team program is designed for beginner to experienced athletes, ages 7-14yo, that are ready to experience the awesome sport of triathlon and progress their multisport performance. Our practice environment is a FUN, high-energy, positive atmosphere that encourages personal growth and team camaraderie. Intentional focus to meet the athlete where they are, and progress from there. Strong mental skills and positive self-talk are fundamental aspects of our program.

Palmetto TRIbe’s Junior Team is a travel triathlon team designed for any High Schooler enrolled in 9-12th grade residing in the greater Charleston area, and able to attend weekly practices held in locations around Mt Pleasant and downtown Charleston. Junior team athletes will be coached through a strategic 16-week periodized training cycle, intended to build performance gains through a series of base and build cycles.  The team will race in a mix of USAT-sanctioned and non-sanctioned races locally, and well as a few trip to neighboring states, NC and/or GA. “A-race” focus will be the USAT National High School Championships, held every Spring.

Our coaching efforts are rewarded when we see the emergence of well-rounded athletes, that have a strong sense of personal identity, work ethic, team values, and passion for sport…and life! Team rally: SWIM – BIKE – RUN – TRIbe!